Bee Booty, Raw Honey, Clarkston MI

Bee Booty, Raw Honey, Clarkston MI

Bee Booty is your home where you'll find gifts for anyone who loves natural bee products. We provide all natural, unprocessed, raw honey, comb and products that will make you smile whether you give them as a gift or keep them for your own.


Getting Your Hands on Some Booty (*chuckle*)

You can contact us via email at or Facebook and we arrange to get it to you in town.


Bottled honey available
  • 10.6oz. ball jar = $8
  • 13 oz. Hex jar = $10
  • 1lb 5.3oz ball jar =$12
  • 2lb 11.1oz ball jar = $20
  • The "Glass Bear" jar 13oz - $12
  • 1 LB 1.5oz Muth Jar w/ cork top - $14

*New Items!*
  • Gifting Jar - 5oz Hex jar - $4
  • 4lb 6.6oz - "Big Mama" ball jar $38
  • Vintage Honey pots with wooden honey dippers
  • Glass and stainless honey pot with dipper, filled - $25

Wooden Honey Stirrers - $3 each
Honey Cookbooks $6 each

Continue to check back as our in stock items will change.


Bee Booty in Action

Clarkston Community Garden Hives


Bee Booty Beginnings

We started raising bees for the love of the idea. We were excited to expose our children to such a amazing part of nature, introduce a great way to enhance and help our gardens and enjoy home grown honey by sharing with our friends and family.

We have since grown our beekeeping venture and we are excited to take it to the next step and share what we have found to be a real treasure or what my husband has coined "Bee Booty". The honey is fabulous, healthy and fun to share. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Please bookmark us and think of us over the holidays and birthdays as we will periodically promote specials, gift baskets and limited quantities of specialty items.

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