Bee Booty - Raw, All Natural Honey and Skin Care from Clarkston, Michigan
About US
We started raising bees as a hobby in 2007. My oldest son was 2 and my husband was nostalgic about beekeeping from time he spent in his neighborhood with a local beekeeper as a child. We both love nature and being outdoors and we have a soft spot for our bees. Best of all it allowed us an awesome opportunity to educate our children about the important role bees play in our environment.

Our three young children feel confident now about what they have learned around the bee yard as they bring in show and tells, write stories and share with friends, classmates and teachers how important honey bees and all their pollinator friends are to the environment.

As we have grown with our beekeeping we've been able to grow our business and not only do we sell raw honey, we commune with other beekeepers, hold beekeeping classes and teach about the benefits of keeping bees and eating raw honey. We found that we love to share what we've learned and have with our friends, community and families.We have also started an all natural skin care line based on all natural beeswax that we've obtained during our honey extractions.
Bee Booty is also proud to be a lead in starting and maintaining the beekeeping and pollination program and also contributing to the honey share at the Clarkston Community Gardens . We were approached by our friend John Selden to bring some of our hives to the gardens to help with pollination and support other beekeepers to get started with keeping hives. We donate a portion of the honey we extract from our garden hives to the Clarkston Community Garden which in turn sells honey at the local farmers market to help fund their gardens mission - all food grown in the Clarkston Community Garden is donated to local food banks, Lighthouse North in Clarkston and Gleaners Food Bank in Pontiac.  In 2012, over 11,000 pounds of food was donated and over 2400 volunteer hours were logged within our seven month growing season. It's a pretty great program to be a part of!
Bee Booty FAQs
Is your honey raw?
Yes! All of our honey that we extract is wildflower honey, which we never process or cook so as to retain all of its raw wonderful properties to pass on to our customers, family and friends.
Where can you find Bee Booty?
  • Union General, Clarkston MI
They currently carry our 13oz glass bear jars, lip balm, lemomgrass balm in 2oz tins
  • Yoga Oasis, Clarkston MI
They currently carry an assortment of honey sizes, lotion bars, bath bombs and lotion tins.
  • Yellow Dog, Goodrich MI
They currently carry 13oz glass bears, 1lb corked muth jars, quart jars (2lb 11oz) & lip balm
  • Heavenly Scent Herb Farm, Fenton MI
They currently carry an assortment of honey jars.
Can I purchase Bee Booty products online?
Not yet, but we plan to have our skincare products available to purchase and ship later this year!
Fairs, Festivals & Markets
We plan to be at the following events in 2016:
  • Clarkston Area Farmers' Market, Clarkston MI (Aug-Oct)
  • Heavenly Scent Summer Faire (Aug.)
  • Art in the Village, Clarkston MI (Sept.)
*We do plan to see you at other events as well so stay tuned as we will post our calendar as we book!
All our honey and hives are loved, grown and harvested in Clarkston, MI.
You can find our products with the following retailers